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Integrating teleoperation and self-driving
for more than 10 years

About Roboauto

Roboauto is company which began working in the self-driving industry. Since then, its focus has shifted slightly and Roboauto now operates two product lines. Firstly, it develops and integrates comprehensive industrial vehicles remote control. Secondly, its HD mapping detects and maps custom objects in video materials, e. g. road signs or trees.

Artin group

Roboauto started its journey back in 2007 as a robotics project of a software house ARTIN. Later, the Roboauto project spined-off and created a stand-alone company, which is a part of ARTIN Group, a strong Czech Republic based partnership of multiple companies. Since then, Roboauto has been continuously developing and integrating teleoperation.

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