Collision Avoidance System

Driving a 30-tonne loader is challenging. What’s more, driving this beast in a dusty, dark place under the ground is almost impossible. Therefore Roboauto integrated a front-facing lidar, which guards the driving vehicle’s profile to keep its distance from the rocks in the tunnel and helps the driver avoid them thanks to sound signals. The project is currently frozen.

Our CAS cooperates with other robotic driving systems. In this use case, Roboauto integrated CAS and teleoperation for increased safety. In the possibility of a collision, the CAS takes over the control of the vehicle and brings it to a stop. The CAS is fully adjustable and its behavior adapts to the given use case and location. The system is ready for further development and can be optimized according to the customer’s needs.

The CAS is one of the fundamental systems for autonomous driving. Roboauto’s CAS can detect objects around the vehicle that could collide with its pre-planned route and stop or slow down. In case of an emergency, after stopping due to an obstacle on the road, the CAS can prompt a remote operator to connect via teleoperation and solve the situation.

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