The idea was to create a meaningful demonstrator of autonomous technology. A small shuttle bus that can transport visitors at EXPOs or ZOOs was a perfect solution.


We took an electric Esagono minibus, and in cooperation with our colleagues from Technotrade, we changed the driving units to be ‚drive-by-wire‘ and CANbus ready. Then we integrated a hardware set designed for autonomous driving (lidars, cameras, GNSS/INS) with our SW. The bus can drive through a pre-mapped route and stop at designated places. Autonomous driving is combined with Roboauto’s CAS technology to be able to stop in front of obstacles.

In cooperation with our partners from BringAuto, we deployed an autonomous logistic robot to transport chemical samples between the laboratory buildings of the BorsodChem chemical plant. The self-driving robot transports samples without human input on a road that is about 4km long with several stops. There is mixed traffic in the area of the chemical plant, so the vehicle has to react to cars, trucks, trains, people, and bicycles.