Control all your vehicles remotely from one spot

Increase safety, productivity and reduce overall costs

Teleoperation is a technology which allows you to remotely control vehicles from the warmth of an office via 4G and 5G. The operator sits in a remote station and can change vehicles at any time without driving anywhere.

Teleoperation can be integrated in various industries

Teleoperation is not a one-trick pony. It can be integrated in any type of vehicle and that makes it an incredibly versatile tool. Take a look at the industries in which teleoperation shines the most.

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Mowing equipment

Work from the comfort and safety of your own office


Move your operators away from dangerous and toxic places


Connect to vehicles even in remote areas


Reduce waiting times by assigning multiple vehicles to a single operator

Key features

Redundant connection

For the best results, our teleoperation uses a combination of multiple LTE carriers with independent networks and a Wi-Fi connection in private areas. We have it all 5G ready.

Low latency

To have a responsive and „real-feel“ experience, you need as low latency as possible. Our own special SW and direct connection between the vehicle and remote station can offer one of the lowest latencies on the market.

Encrypted communication

One of the biggest fears is the theoretical possibility of hacking the system. We have reduced the risk of possible cyber attacks to the minimum. All data communication, such as image streams and control commands, is fully encrypted.

Modular solution

Our solution is not directly dependent on specific HW, which makes it very flexible. According to the partner’s requirements, we can deploy our solution to a large variety of industrial, automotive, agriculture, mining or railway HW.

Customizable system

Implementing our solution into multiple types of vehicles gave us the experience to create a completely modular teleoperation system. We can add custom sensors and modify the number of cameras or transmission channels.

Safety measures

The teleoperation module has a number of safety features the most important of which is an automatic halt If the connection severs. The vehicle will start braking, making sure not to stop too abruptly or too slowly.



House breaking and building demolition can be an incredibly dangerous line of work. Roboauto teleoperation provides a way to remove the human element to a safe distance and save lives in the process, while still using the same vehicles you are using now.


Excavators spend the day either excavating or waiting. Teleoperation allows us to skip the waiting step, since the driver can disconnect and connect to another machine currently in use.


Use teleoperated vehicles in large areas such as chemical facilities, factories or refineries to transport samples and other materials. Safely, from a distance, without a human in the vehicle.

Mowing equipment

Mowing includes difficult terrain, steep slopes or hot temperatures. All of these are a nuisance to operators, sometimes even hinder them completely. Not to talk about their safety while working around highways. Teleoperation makes it simpler and safer.

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