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Where can teleoperation be integrated?

Teleoperation is not a one-trick pony. It can be integrated in any type of vehicle and that makes it an incredibly versatile tool. Take a look at the industries in which teleoperation shines the most.

Construction machinery

Equipping cranes, excavators and other machines with collision-avoidance technology and remote operation enables the machines to be operated from a safe distance of a control centre. The Roboauto Fleet Management allows the operators to connect to machines that are currently in use and disconnect from those on hold or off-duty.


By using the Roboauto technology for autonomous & teleoperated machines and vehicles, the airport operations and vehicle movements can be performed remotely from an operation center. Having less staff on the ground means lower risk of injuries and/or human-machine collisions and higher work comfort for the staff especially during rain, snow, strong wind or a hot day.


Use teleoperated vehicles in large areas such as chemical facilities, factories or refineries to transport samples and other materials. Safely, from a distance, without a human in the vehicle.

Passenger vehicles

The fully autonomous shuttles used today have limited operational capabilities. The vehicles usually travel following pre-programed routes. So limited, they can’t react to situations that couldn’t have been accounted for beforehand. Adding teleoperation to shuttles guarantees the vehicle always gets to the finish line.


Excavators spend the day either excavating or waiting. Teleoperation allows us to skip the waiting step, since the driver can disconnect and connect to another machine currently in use.

Mowing equipment

Mowing includes difficult terrain, steep slopes or hot temperatures. All of these are a nuisance to employees, sometimes even hinder them completely. Not to talk about the safety of operators working around highways. Teleoperation makes it simpler and safer.


Demolition equipment

House breaking and building demolition can be an incredibly dangerous line of work. Roboauto teleoperation provides a way to remove the human element to a safe distance and save lives in the process, while still using the same vehicles you are using now.

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